Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★

The first time I saw this movie was 18 years ago with my dad.

I was 12 years and a very active user on a message board called "Home Theater Forum". I posted about wanting to watch this movie but my parents would only let me with one of them was watching with me. I knew there was some sex in the movie so to avoid an uncomfortable experience I made a post on HTF asking if someone could give me the time-codes when the sex scenes happen so I could not only fast-forward but fully skip those scenes by punching the numbers in. A nice man took the time to transcribe those time-codes and DM'd them to me. I thanked them and he replied "No problem! Have fun watching the movie with your dad!" And I did have fun watching with my dad. I had MORE fun watching tonight without my dad though.

Happy Father's Day, four stars!

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