The Humans

The Humans ★★★★

...or are we The Dancers? :)

The explicit horror dread visual language of this one was oddly comforting to me, like the movie saying "Look, we get it. It does feel like this sometimes!"

I know we love giving gold stars to pretty drama boys dipping their toes into comedy (Jamie Dornan-itis) but it's honestly more impressive when the reverse happens, especially when it's as low-key as this. Amy Schumer's REALLY got it in this one, grounded, especially ego-less given the physical circumstances of her character. Comedy super-stars that want long careers should do this more often (maybe call it the Ray Romano move), give themselves over to great directors and be 5th on the call sheet and you'll work in great stuff forever!

I wanted to watch Yellowjackets recently and I was like "dang I'm gonna have to pay for Showtime". Checked one of my 19 streaming accounts and it turns out I've been paying for Showtime since Twin Peaks: The Return (2017). Point is this movie is on Showtime and you can watch it easily if you're also a forgetful subscriber like me! Four stars!

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