• Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    go to an amc to watch nicole kidman sit down in awe and wonder at her ex's new little plane movie. four stars.

  • Peggy Sue Got Married

    Peggy Sue Got Married


    As the cover art would suggest, this is a movie about god of clouds Peggy Sue and a young man's quest to find the key to her heart by marrying her, ending her reign of terror over southwest desert. Two stars!

  • Adam's Rib

    Adam's Rib


    What's the point of marriage if it's not this? Four stars!

  • Magnificent Obsession

    Magnificent Obsession


    Ideal age gap cinema. Three and a half stars!

  • Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather


    The Nicholas Brothers dancing was the 1943 equivalent to Tom Cruise jumping out of an airplane. Three and a half stars!

  • Down Argentine Way

    Down Argentine Way


    There's a reason there's not a lot of horse musicals. Not saying it can't be done but clearly it's hard. Two and a half stars!

  • Men



    [loudly at a party where people can hear me] men haha wow, there was some wild stuff in that thing. i mean just...patriarchy! abuse! trauma! the things women go through, i really understand it. i get it and i am very good :) three and a half stars!

  • Rambling Rose

    Rambling Rose


    I could've saved her. I would've been so nice to her and never asked for s*x and we would've just chilled and talked about music. "No thanks, I'd rather not do that right now, but did you hear the new Blind Willie Johnson?" I'd be so nice in 1929. Three stars!

  • Wattstax



    This movie made me say "hell yeah" to myself 19 times. Four stars!

  • The Book of Henry

    The Book of Henry


    The narrative around this is that it's the movie was so bad it lost Colin Trevorrow the Star Wars Episode 9 job. And maybe it did, idk! Maybe it had nothing to do with it. The cinematic schadenfreude of luxuriating in a bananas bad movie that sidelined a mediocre director from the biggest gig of his life feels weird! Maybe he's a good guy who loves his kids and spends a lot of time making his wife feel special and…

  • Imitation of Life

    Imitation of Life


    Genuinely moving! Juanita Moore unreal in this. They could remake it with the correct races and it'd be really good. Weird that that's an option now, like the 2021 West Side Story. "This time the races in the movie are played by people of that race in real life!" Good selling point! Four and a half stars!

  • Citizen Ruth

    Citizen Ruth


    Unpleasant! Two stars!