Enola Holmes ★★★

Ranking 2020

Enola Holmes feels like a movie that came out in the late 2000s. I'm not really sure why, maybe it's the way it breaks the fourth wall, maybe it's the plot twist villains, but it really brings me back to the movies of my childhood. In general, this is a fun, adventurous and charming movie with a great lead performance by Millie Bobby Brown. She shows she can definitely carry a movie and based on her work here I have no doubt that, even after Stranger Things, she will remain one of the big names in the industry.

To be completely honest I feel like Henry Cavill wasn't the best casting for Sherlock, but I can't help but like just how much fun Henry has with the role. In terms of characters, the main issue I have is with the villains, which are severely underwritten and just feel like they're there because they need to be there, not because the writers actually wanted to flesh them out. The main detractor of the movie is how much it holds your hand throughout the story, almost to the point of being condescending at times. I think it's a miscalculation in how much breaking of the fourth wall should have been used. It's serves the story well at times, but at other times it's way overdone. We don't need Millie asking us 'Do you know what to do?' followed by a 5 second pause, we're not watching a Dora the Explorer episode.

At times this was so extreme that it impacted how much I enjoyed the movie. Since I've seen the movie I've switched between a 2.5/5 and 3.0/5 multiple times. In the end I do think I had a fun time watching it so I guess a 3.0 will do, but I can imagine that it'll keep fluctuating over time. It really think this movie feels like a start to a franchise and I'd be interested to watch next installments, if they are ever made. If they reel in the fourth wall breaking a bit, I think there is great potential for a possible series of movies (it could even work as a tv show).

Also, I feel like the suffragettes storyline of Eudoria, imo the most interesting part of the movie, was kind of sidelined. There was never any real conclusion to that storyline, which fails to give the movie the real empowerment theme that I think it wanted to have. There's great discussion potential regarding moderate (Enola) vs more radical (Eudoria) means of changing the world, but it's never really touched upon and in the end the movie kind of goes the safe route by only discussing the moderate parts by getting Tewkesbury in the House of Lords, which also kinda muddles the empowerment message the movie wants to achieve. If there are sequels to this movie, I think those are the best elements to explore. As it is, Enola Holmes is a fun and charming movie that relies a bit too much on its fourth wall breaking and has some underwritten characters, but still succeeds in general due to a great lead peformance by Millie Bobby Brown.