Palm Springs ★★★★

Ranking 2020

After months of almost watching no movies that came out this year, I realized that there are like at least 40 movies that already came out this year that I really want to watch and I started with this one.

Palm Springs probably hits a bit closer to home than the makers expected due to the at this point seemingly endless daily grind in (semi-)quarantine since March. I'm not sure when exactly this movie was written and edited and whether the pandemic has had an impact on the final result, but either way it is a movie very fitting of its release year.

While he has been attached to some less-than-great works in the past, editor Matthew Friedman really displayed his editing talent in The Farewell and does it again in this movie. The story may be very well-paced and the director most likely also had a say in the cuts in scenes, but it is especially the editing that makes the movie feel like 60 minutes instead of 90 and keeps us interested throughout so huge props to that department.

Palm Springs manages to seperate itself from the other Groundhog Day movies by adding a twist in the number of people in the time loop. Its a slight adjustment, but it makes the movie so much more dynamic than it would have been otherwise. Its only slight weakness might be that the script, while well written, just doesn't stand out that much when you strip away the time-loop aspect itself. This results in a situation where the eventual success of the movie has to rely on the chemistry between Andy and Cristin. And luckily for both us and the movie they both completely deliver. From his TV role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine to his lead role in Popstar and now Palm Springs, Andy just continues to grow as an actor and, in my opinion, is one of the top-tier comedy actors right now. To be honest I don't recall seeing Cristin Milioti in a movie I had seen before this one, but she is also fantastic in this one and will hopefully star in many more movies to come.

Witty and very well paced, Palm Springs shows that the time-loop genre is everything except stale and is propelled to great heights by the amazing chemistry between its two leads.