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  • Halloween



    Where: Home.
    Who with: Myself.
    Format: DVD.

  • What Happened to Monday

    What Happened to Monday


    Where: Home.
    Who with: myself.
    Format: Netflix.

    My journey through Noomi Rapace's Netflix opus concludes with this film where she plays seven different characters. Septuplets in a dystopian future where there is a one child per family rule. When one of the siblings disappears, the others must add solve the mystery.

    Truth be told, if you've seen any of the big dytopian/utopian sci-fi movie of the last fifty years, you'll be able to figure out where this is going very…

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  • Thor



    Where: Home.
    Who with: Lillibug.
    Format: DVD.

    Still a lot of fun and light, like most of the phase one stuff. Dutch angles for days. Great time.

  • Sicario: Day of the Soldado

    Sicario: Day of the Soldado


    Where: Home.
    Who with: Myself.
    Format: iTunes (purchased).

    Take everything that made the first film good, and take it away, and you end up with this generic piece.

    Towards the end there was one surprising moment, but then even that was ruined.

    Brolin and Del Toro are decent, but nothing else stands out. The action scenes are pretty stock, and the film suffers from not having Villeneuve behind the camera, and Emily Blunt in front of it.

    A message to future self: if you ever consider watching this again, don't. Put on "Clear and Present Danger" instead.