Always Be My Maybe ★★

The Keanu stuff exists in its own plane as a deliriously strange sequence of comedy - the rest of it is pretty bad. It’s all just forced dialogue, awkward stabs at humor that fail 90% of the time (outside of Keanu), and shoddy editing that zaps the story of any flow or energy. It takes quite a bit of time to start to become invested in the central relationship, and by that point, the movie is wrapping up. They can’t even coast on charisma. The backstory is extremely poorly delivered and disconnected from the relationship (so the entire romcom setup, ie the classic childhood best friends rekindle their love, just doesn’t work), and the supporting characters are all excruciating. Ali Wong does well with what she gives herself but I’ve never been impressed by Randall Park as an actor - and this does nothing to change it.

If this wasn’t written and directed by people of color we’d be making a bigger fuss about the Asian caricatures (not to mention lazy, faux progressive LGBTQ jokes) in this. I pray The Farewell does well next month because that film actually adds something of value to the conversation.


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