Captain Marvel ★★★

This film is pretty much exactly what you’d expect, and the intense vitriol we’ve seen leveled at it (and Larson in particular) is quite frankly ridiculous and reveals what we all already knew about your average white male Internet troll. The movie and the message are going to resonate with people, and that’s great regardless of its quality - and frankly, Brie Larson’s a badass and that’s that.

As for the film itself? The first twenty minutes or so are a poorly edited mess, but when it goes back to the basics, it’s able to coast for the most part on the charm of Larson and Jackson. Admittedly, nothing about the production really ever rises above mediocre, and I’d be hard pressed to argue that we actually learn about who Carol (or anyone, for that matter) is outside of symbolic bullet points. The Starforce angle of the film just falls flat. This isn’t particularly surprising at this point considering it’s pretty par for the course with Marvel’s “but what about the next movie?” method of making movies, but it’s unfortunate considering this one has something going for it with the relationship between Carol and the Rambeaus. There’s a shred of humanity in there that’s actually really heartwarming to witness, but the film tries to get too cute with the development of that storyline and ultimately buries it underneath a lot of noise. When we’re in it, it’s the type of human friendship that is far too often missing in films like this, one that provides some semblance of an emotional connection while everything else is just rushing toward Endgame.


Also: kudos for the indie director hirings by Marvel, it’s great these people are being trusted with big budget superhero movies.

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