Zola ★★

Unfortunately should’ve stayed a Twitter thread. Lacking in the type of creative vision and spark a story like this desperately needs - it’s a film that purports to have a unique style, but its brand ultimately just amounts to people doing funny accents the whole time. As such, the humor relies solely on presentation rather than on situation, and it gets old really fast. Paige and Keough both do a great job, don’t get me wrong. But it’s frustrating how much this narrative spins in circles and continually brings its own momentum to a screeching halt. Even within each scene, it can barely sustain humor, story, character, or any iota of a message. And ultimately what happens is it feels like it goes on and on and on, even with its short runtime, until it just...ends. No buildup, no catharsis, no interesting character development or thematic point. Somehow, rather than use the Twitter thread as a rich jumping off pad, the feature length version of this story has done nothing but dilute everything beyond recognition.


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