Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome ★★★★½

The hopeful Mad Max movie. I guess that's probably part of the reason people don't like it as much. And it's pretty silly at times. Not at all the brutal, kinetic intensity of THE ROAD WARRIOR. And it's definitely a pop aritifact of its time, a glorious time when Tina Turner could be the villain of a Mad Max sequel. And then would sing pop hits over the opening and closing credits. But what ambition! Bartertown. Thunderdome. Master Blaster. Even the canyon those kids live in feels like a real, lived-in space. And speaking of those kids, they can sometimes be annoying. And they're not as cool as the Feral Boomerang Boy from the previous movie. But their society feels as well thought out and organic as any of the other nutty shit in this thing. And I'll bet most of the idiots who would complain about the annoying kids in this movie fucking love the motherfucking cloying Lost Boys bullshit in goddamn HOOK. Fucking imaginary food fight. God, that movie sucks.
In conclusion, that little guy with the kabuki mask on his back who keeps not dying flips us off from beneath a pile of broken car parts. That's good enough for me.