Roar ★★★★★

This is a movie that defies star ratings. I gave it five stars, because the only other option is zero stars. It falls nowhere in between. It's not a "good" movie or a "bad" movie or an "okay" movie, but it is an amazing "movie." A stupid, one-of-a-kind, well-meaning, irresponsible, virtually plot-less almost-documentary. The worst part is an ill-fitting "plot" of two vengeance hungry poachers shooting lions and tigers. The best part is when the giant cats are allowed to decide the pace of the movie. Also, when an elephant destroys a boat.

Parts of this reminded me of RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR, wherein hundreds of the titular rats are dumped on horrified apocalypse survivors. The scenario in ROAR is similar yet much more terrifying, as a seemingly endless stream of untamed wildcats pour through the doors and windows, "attacking" Tippi Hedren and her children.

Also, I'm assuming Noel Marshall was much more charismatic in person than as his character in the movie, Shouty McInlovewithlions, otherwise, how'd he convince all these other people to get constantly mauled by lions?

And did I mention the beautiful, dynamic camerawork of DP Jan De Bont? Well, it is.