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  • Dead Awake

    Dead Awake


    Ok... I pride myself as someone who's seen a good amount of trash, but enough is enough. I've spoken about this before but the fetishization of sleep paralysis and night terrors in horror needs to relax. It's always used as a vehicle for just another Grudge-like creature to pop around and it's annoying how fucking dumb it is. The superstitions surrounding sleep paralysis are a joke in the real world and nauseating on film. I'm personally offended and disgusted this…

  • It



    Can we stop opening horror movies with children singing? It's fucking stupid.

    During the film, my phone fell under the seat and the guy next to me thought I was trying to steal his stuff he'd stashed in his cup holder because I kept fidgeting, thinking about my phone. I was sitting in a new? Dolby-equipped theater that effectively turned the film into a 4D ride at Universal Studios - which honestly is ideal.

    It's still very much -happy scene-…

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  • Asthma



    There's a scene early on that describes Asthma *breathtakingly* well. Fresh on their impromptu road trip, Gus (Benedict Samuel) and Ruby (Jane from Breaking Bad) come across a roadkilled deer on the side of the road. They stop, and Ruby takes a picture with a camera, disposable of course, as Gus bends down to literally smear deer blood under his eyes as war paint. Gus and Ruby are Asthma, and the roadkilled deer is the theme of addiction. Asthma wants…

  • Whiplash



    What's wrong with going to the movies with your dad? I go to the movies with my dad.

    Considering Miles Teller's previous filmography I would've never expected him to sign on for a role like this. With titles like Divergent, Project X, and Two Night Stand under his belt, he doesn't exactly scream 'good actor'. Can't say I'm a fan of the romance subplot either - their mutual discovery of common ground and 'quirkiness' feels slightly fabricated - and not…