Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★½

This is one of the most unenthusiastic 3.5 star ratings I’ve ever given to a film and it’s because, of all of Tarantino’s films, this feels the least “Tarantino”. It suffered a bit because of that.

He continues to be an amazing filmmaker - the cinematography and direction and everything else technical worked well. However, Tarantino’s storytelling skills get weaker and weaker for me. As confusing as Pulp Fiction can be, I feel that had a much more coherent and cohesive story than this film. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood simply has too much on its plate, with too many subplots and side stories that never blend well together in a sincere or believable manner.

Despite the screenplay issues, the absurd runtime, and the very minimal action (considering it’s a Tarantino film), I still found this to be a mostly enjoyable ride thanks to great acting from most of the cast, amazing chemistry between Pitt and DiCaprio, beautiful cinematography, and a fun ending!

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