Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★

Welp, it’s time for #FilmTwitter and Letterboxd to murder me again. My initial reaction to the film - OVERHYPED AND OVERRATED. To me this is more of a really good straight-to-DVD kids’ superhero movie and less of an all-time great film worthy of its current 4.5/5 score on here.

The animation style is brilliant, the voice cast is really good (especially Cage and Mulaney), and seeing it in 3D was beautiful, but I definitely need to see this a second time to catch the hype. I just don’t get it right now.

My biggest issue - the film that was advertised to me in the trailers is not what I got. It took just over AN HOUR to become the film I expected which just had me dragging through the whole first act and most of the second act. I’m calling it now - this film will not be a timeless classic. People need to temper their expectations.