Part 1 : A lot of extremely awkward moments happen at a wedding. Mainly due to the bride. She is ill as her sister says. It is sad to watch her struggle through it. Oh and there is a looming fear of a planet colliding with earth and destroying life as we know it.  Kirsten Dunst is phenomenal in the role. Perhaps her best performance that I’ve seen. 

Part 2 : The film becomes more melancholic in the second half. A person becomes vulnerable during their low time. I felt that it was an accurate description of someone fighting depression. The cinematography is masterful. Some of the frames are beautiful whilst maintaining the grim tone of the film. 

My Part: It’s a sorrowful movie to watch. Nobody will be happy after watching it. I am not a fan of Lars Van Trier but I do admire his craftsmanship. You can’t deny the artistic quality of this film. Watch at your own risk. I wasn’t a fan of the first half but the last few minutes gave me chills. Also, I will never watch this again.

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