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  • ABCs of Death

    ABCs of Death


    Here are all my rankings from favorite to least favorite (Not including I is for Implants, because that one’s mine and it’d be cocky to rank it since I really love mine). 

    1 Vasectomy
    2 Eggs
    3 Fault
    4 Win
    5 Obesity
    6 Killer Kyler
    7 ZDP
    8 Mario Party
    9 Slide 
    10 Dis Nigga
    11 Jack O’ Lantern Jack Off
    12 Uncircumcised 
    13 Quack
    14 Anime
    15 Yams
    16 Xmas
    17 Test
    18 Hammer
    19 Pancakes
    20 Banana
    21 Gym
    22 Neko
    23 Castration
    24 Rock
    25 Luck
    26 [][][]

  • Naked Lunch

    Naked Lunch


    The makeup is incredible and the creatures are interesting. If only it had an interesting story and wasn't surreal...

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  • The Skeleton Dance

    The Skeleton Dance


    Watched for the meme

  • Critters



    I want to read the script because I assume it goes something like this:

    The gang finds a couple of critters on the stairs of the house.

    Critter #3:
    “Let’s roll out”

    The two critters transform into a ball and tumble down the stairs and into another room, out of sight.