The Report

The Report ★★★★

Constructed as a whistleblower story, the film chronicles the toil and perseverance of Daniel Jones (Adam Driver), who played an instrumental role in the completion of a 6,300-page Senate intelligence committee report on the CIA's torture program. Screenwriter Scott Burns wrote 20 drafts over five years, and the work paid off because Burns presents many nuances and complexities that could have easily been omitted.

The CIA does not want the public to know the truth about torture. Republicans find it abominable that a handful of Democratic senators want accountability. But Burns does not shy away from depicting how President Barack Obama's administration sided with the CIA and tried to discourage Senator Dianne Feinstein (Annette Bening) and other Democrats from releasing a redacted summary.

Plus, CIA director John Brennan (Ted Levine) is not portrayed as the "hero" of #TheResistance that he plays on cable news today. He is a smarmy villain, who only apologizes for the CIA hacking into Senate computers after it becomes a scandal.