Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

Avengers: Endgame is a satisfying conclusion to The Infinity Saga. Every character has a moment to shine and I don't know how they did it, but I respect everyone involved with making this film. Even though this movie is a satisfying conclusion it doesn't mean it has no flaws. The 2nd act is weakest part of the film, the comedy may be over done, the two real deaths of Infinity War were basically undone, and Hulk finished his arc off screen. But none of that takes away from Endgame especially Professor Hulk/Bruce considering Bruce finally found his purpose. Bruce now knows why he survived the gamma ray explosion. Btw I love how Hulk basically did beat Thanos, he wiped out Thanos' life work. Now I'm going to be talking about the positives: the directing was amazing, The Russos has put their names in the game as some of the best Blockbuster directors. They know how to balance action, emotional scenes, and two characters just talking. The score is amazing, Alan Silvestri once again brought his A game, especially with "Portals. Plus the writers M&M did a good job definitely not their best work imo (IW or CW) but they know how to write these characters they understand these characters especially Nebula, she was the MVP of this film. Nebula went from generic villian to one of the best characters in the MCU. Now for the rest of this review I'm going to talk about the rest of the OG6 (besides the Hulk). First Tony

1. Iron Man/Tony Stark: Tony is the best written character in the MCU. Tony for years thought about Thanos and trying to stop him, but now since it happened Tony can finally "move on". He can finally have a family and doesn't have to worry about a threat. But then once The Avengers come to him, he knows the battle isn't over with. Like he said in the first Avengers "If we can't protect the earth you better be damn sure we're going avenge it". Tony can't rest unless the battle is truly over with. Plus Tony meeting Howard was the closure he needed just watch Civil War (BARF scene) .
2. Hawkeye/Clint Barton: Clint was one of the best parts of this film imo, he was in the anger stage of grief and it's heartbreaking. What's he becomes Ronin he's becoming the judge, jury, and executioner. It’s grim work, and it’s destroying his soul. His tattoo is made fun of by fans, but it also tells a story Clint marking people for death, but he’s also marking himself. ( A face of a skull.) The scene on Vormir is heartbreaking he thinks he deserves death and not a second chance, but Nat has to tell him he does and she's going to give it to him because he did the same for her a long time ago.
3. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff: Some people hate Nat's treatment in this room but I love it. Nat's first scene after the 5 year time jump was great Scarjo and Chris has amazing chemistry, but Nat told us she never had a family until she joined the Avengers, so it makes complete sense why she sacrificed herself. She wanted them back. She did whatever it took. Plus she had some red in her ledger she wanted to clear. Her journey as a hero started with Clint giving her a second chance and not k*lling her, so it makes all the sense in the world for her to do the same thing for Clint. "I don't judge people on their worst mistakes. Another complaint I hear is Nat didn't have a funeral. In my eyes she did, the scene when the OG5 was mourning her was her funeral. Her first FAMILY was mourning her.
4. Thor: Thor is the most understood character in this movie. His story is actually heartbreaking and to hear people say it was just fat jokes makes me sad because it's so much more than that. Every movie after "Thor", Thor has lost everything a piece by piece, his powers, then his mother, then his father, then his home world, some of his people, and his brother. In Endgame he is broken after he messed up in Infinity War (Not killing Thanos and they handled him well in Endgame. His mother has to tell him just because he messes up doesn't make him unworthy and that he is worthy. Thor realizes he's just like everyone else and knows he's still worthy. Thor is the reason why parents shouldn't put high expectations on their child. Thor was told from his birth he's going to be a King and he's basically perfect and the first time he makes a mistake in Infinity War he's broken.
5. Captain America/Steve Rogers: Steve had a perfect ending, he never moved on from Peggy. "You gotta move on" look at Steve's face, he hasn't moved on from Peggy the film is trying to tell you. Like Tony said Steve is going to get a family one day and he eventually did. "I thought, maybe I should try some of that life Tony was telling me to get.” People complain about Steve being selfish for the first time. Steve is a selfless person, he's concerned more with the needs of others. He's been like that since The First Avenger, so he finally decided to do something for himself and be happy so apparently he's a bad guy for that? I don't get that logic I honestly don't. So yeah Steve had a perfect ending, a ending he deserved. I love how we get to watch a selfless hero wrap up his story the way he wants to.

Avengers: Endgame is my favorite CBM of all time.
My grade: 10/10

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