Frances Ha ★★★★★

Written by both Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, who stars in the film as titular character as well, Frances Ha is a moving, funny and beautiful account of a girl in her late 20's. One thing to know is that both Baumbach and Gerwig are in a relationship in reality so it's not that hard to see how much of an impact that had on Baumbach's sensibilities in the film. This indie comedy/drama is in black and white while New York City is portrayed in one of the most glorious ways. One of the things I loved about Frances Ha was how beautifully the life of this character was presented. Baumbach cares for her, it is a compassionate portrayal.

It has an upbeat and delightful editing work that presents glimpses into the life of Frances. There isn't any literal story that is followed, a plot, a set goal. It seems like a gaze, a rarefied glimpse that Baumbach is offering us. For Frances, life is when you are supposed to do something at a given moment. She lives fully in that. Baumbach captures that essence of Frances' giddy wonders about life with every step she takes whether good or bad. The star of Frances Ha however is Greta Gerwig. Highly endearing, affective and colorful performance. She perfectly signifies and portrays all the shades of her character. She acts quirky, serious, lost, disappointed, lonely and fun. There is an effortless energy and charm to her portrayal.

Baumbach himself directed his best film yet. He paints a wonderful montage for the character and all the things that makes her who she really is. One of the best films of 2013, a truly original piece of American indie filmmaking.

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