Mother of George ★★★★

Mother of George is a Nigerian drama directed by Andrew Dosunmu and stars Isaach de Bankolé as well as Danai Gurira (from "The Walking Dead"). It premiered at Sundance Film Festival last year and received Cinematography Award: U.S. Dramatic for Bradford Young's contribution to this film as well as "Ain't Them Bodies Saints". This is a domestic drama centered around a family of immigrants from Nigeria living in New York City. It opens with a traditional wedding ceremony of Adenike and Ayodele, attended by many of their relatives and people of the community. A lush, exotic and fascinating blend of colors, costumes and traditions. It is one of the most richly photographed and depicted wedding sequences that you will see. A long ceremony that is captured with utmost craft, catching every bit of its importance and extravagant through the lens of the camera. In many cultures, a married woman is supposed to give birth or else she hasn't done her part in the marriage. In this film, the mother of the groom practically demands a grandchild within the first year of the marriage.

Several slow-motion, beautifully focused and colorfully ignited sequences. Cinematography and costume design is the highlight of this film. The close-ups keeps our focus on the characters and their emotions, nothing else matters. The poetic photography helps in both immersing as well as keeping us at a particular distance. The character played by Danai Gurira is a strong and ambitious woman but is torn, frustrated and pushed to her limits. Gurira gives a fascinating performance in the film. The plot has so much range throughout. Sexuality is approached in many ways. Mother of George also has a transfixing score mixed with traditional and symphonic tunes. An aural and visual experience, boldly portraying layers and layers of complicated relationships and giving a whole new meaning to what its like to be a married woman. Exotic and terrifying, intensely dramatic and alienating.

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