The Hunger Games ★★★

Based on a very popular book by Suzanne Collins, its the first in the series of three books. The anticipation for this movie was great and represented the popularity of the source material among the audience which largely resulted in its huge opening and surprise Box-Office returns. Though for someone like me who haven't read the book and the fact that this whole popular teenage-targeted books series to big screen adaptation phenomenon is not largely appealing anymore after the disastrous Twilight's success, i wasn't quite excited for this movie. Now i don't know about the book but the movie never seems to breakthrough for me, the whole political, racial, social, religious commentary that you expect from a movie that has those elements bleeding right through it, Ross misses that opportunity making for just another Hollywood entertainment which is empty on the inside while largely glossy on the outside. Now i am all for shaky camera techniques but only where it is actually needed, this movie wasn't one of them. When you see people running, hiding, hitting, grabbing and stabbing, you get a certain amount of disturbance on the camera as it follows the characters. But to clearly hide the blood and gore to water down certain elements, that is just not good. I didn't expect The Hunger Games to be an R-rated movie but as the title suggests wasn't it all about that? Instead what we got is a watered down Gladiator mixed with lots of Zoolander with a dragged episode of Survivor and an overdose of Bachelor/Bachelorette in the end.

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