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  • Knowing


    What..I watched it yesterday for the second time and had it a little better rated in my memory. Somehow nothing happens in this. Plus the son was 90% on zombie mode.

  • Keep an Eye Out

    Keep an Eye Out


    Very bizarre at times and very on the path to breaking the rules of story telling. I liked it quite a bit, because it had great bits, but could not deliver quite through till the end.

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  • Bad Seeds

    Bad Seeds


    I felt manipulated almost all the way throughout.
    You can easily see why this way of storytelling was chosen for this film. It switches from Wael with the kids he tries to understand, Monique with Victor and then to the childhood days of Wael. And what a difficult childhood he had! The more you go on the more tragic will the story of Wael get. You can see it, you cannot be caught by it off guard, for this it…

  • Roma



    Absolutely gorgeous black and white film with a heartbreaking story of Cleo. It is tragic, but uplifting. It is beautiful, but shows so much pain. Horrible moments and moments of emptiness. The camera wanders through the story, depicting the life of Cleo who is well loved within the family she serves.
    Cuaron still manages to insert long shot after long shot and lets' one dive in into this story.
    I was expecting a lot of this film and it delivered.

    Unfortunately I did not get to see it in a theater.