Inherent Vice ★★★★½

Those who said this film was confusing are wrong, sorry. The truth is, it doesn't matter. As along as you're watching the screen and listening AND you have a memory, you'll be fine. A mixture of noir, psychedelic haze and good detective period piece, there is an array of crazy and colourful characters to see and its damn brilliant film. The only thing I don't understand is why everyone was making such a deal over Katherine Waterston? She was good but not amazing, it doesn't help that her character, Shasta is actually only there to start the story. In fact whenever she shows up, things slow down and halt the progression of story. Apart from a few little things that bothered me but didn't really bother me, I can't complain about anything, I cannot praise this film enough. Some have said it was 'hard to follow' or 'it was too confusing'. If you don't try to solve the crimes in this film as linear and just appreciate and watch the characters create chaos and some sort of conclusion, I think you will understand.