Julieta ★★★½

The long awaited Pedro Almodovar film that returns to his meldramatic roots? I think Almodovar has many roots that it would be difficult to say. This film reminded me of All About My Mother and Talk to Her, the film drips with melodrama and wonderful colour palette for both the flashbacks and the present day. Julieta, (Emma Suarez and the unbelievably beautiful Adriana Ugarte as the younger) is all set to move to Portugal with her partner until bumps into someone from her past who tells her about her daughter, Anita. She has not been in contact with her for 12 years and through flashbacks, Julieta relates the story of how she met Anita's father and how things used to be, up to the present. Throughout it is believed that Julieta had done something terrible but in fact it is Anita who is the one we should question. I didn't feel that there was any resolution to this film and there were very important questions left unanswered. Although it was brilliant, I can't shake the open ended feeling at the end.