Spotlight ★★★★

I remembered when these stories broke. After so many of these stories came out, I got fed up with hearing them and then the continued Catholic bashing. I was brought up Catholic but I stopped going to church when I didn't have to. My parents said that my sister and I didn't have to go after we had our Confirmations. We went back once or twice at Christmas, Midnight Mass, but it didn't feel right so we never went back again. Watching this film was eye opening in a terrible but intriguing way. The film starts from when the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe is asked to look into a case about a priest molesting a child and the case is swept under the carpet. From there they find out there are more priests doing this and the church knows. They meet victims, lawyers involved in the cases, a psychotherapist who worked at a 'treatment centre' for the priests and they even get to speak to one priest. The film is brilliant and hard to hear. What shocked me was the endless list of places where other priests and cases had been dug up all over the world.