The Bling Ring ★★★½

Like Sofia Coppola, I was drawn to the real story of a group of LA teenagers who robbed celebrities' homes. It sounds unbelievable that they got away with this for so long but in a way it isn't. The lives of the rich and famous who leave their doors unlocked and leaves thousands of dollars lying around the house. The group broke into Paris Hilton's house, which the real house actually features in the film, multiple times. The group want the lifestyle and act so casually about their crimes, they seem numb to any wrong doing, apart from a few moments of panic. They get away breaking in and stealing so many times they act invincible until they are caught on security tapes and their worlds come crashing down. Everyone went on about Emma Watson in this film but she's not even the main focus. She was good, she was made for this airhead LA bitch teen but the real standout performaces come from the virtually unknown before this film, Katie Chang as the ring leader Rebecca and outsider Marc played by Israel Broussard.