Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★½

This is fun, I have to admit. Leitch keeps the action going at a brisk pace, and he knows how to use variety to get the blood flowing. The problem is that there’s not a heck of a lot going on upstairs and also there’s not a heck of a lot on the screen that we haven’t seen before. The echoes of Tarantino films that were much better than this and RItchie films that were, well, made much before this, are pretty obvious and usually really tiresome. Worse, there’s far too many of these conspicuously, self-consciously stylistic flourishes, flashbacks, detours and sidebars throughout, resulting in a film that’s at least twenty minutes overlong. Foregoing the numerous thuddingly useless celebrity cameos sprinkled here and there could have mitigated the runtime somewhat. It would also have done away with the odious stench of self-satisfaction that comes with celebrity cameos in this day and age. 

Took my 13-year old with me for her first R-rated movie.

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