Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War ★★★

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There's nothing quite so galling—and excruciating—as when superhero movies try to grapple with politics. The innate meekness of the form, especially of the Marvel variety, and its almost brazen unwillingness to engage with even the broadest of real issues makes the overly serious brouhaha that they whip up here over some imaginary multilateral treaty inspired by some fake human tragedy that took place in some made-up foreign country particularly offensive. And quite tedious. That accounts for why the first two-thirds of this ostensibly “thoughtful” pretext for asking the question, “Who would win in an all out fight, hero A or hero B?” is such a slog. Things pick up a bit when the big brawl that everyone knew was coming comes along and we finally get to see everyone slamming into one another in modestly novel ways. That's all anyone ever wanted to see anyhow.