Cars 3

Cars 3 ★★★

By the lofty standards of the best Pixar works, none of the “Cars” movies are breakthroughs, it's true. But this third one confirms that they qualify as something entirely legitimate, if less prestigious: good kids' fare. These are simple, heartfelt stories that are great for kids. The fact that they don't provoke wonder and amazement in adults is entirely besides the point. And even then, the sheer technical marvel of Pixar's ever increasing ability to make their worlds look real was enough for me, personally, to justify the time I spent in the theater. In the end, “Car 3” is a fine outing, fully engaging but still mild enough to be suitable for the whole family. Given Pixar's propensity to scare the bejeezus out of very young kids in many of their past outings, that qualifies as pretty great in my book. Other parents are likely to agree, even if those without children will scoff.

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