Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can ★★★½

Generally good fun, with Spielberg at his lightest, least overbearing. You can feel the director delighting in the youthful mischief of his protagonist, though he’s not exactly helped by some of his cast and crew. Janusz Kiminski’s cinematography is frustrating; it’s frequently well framed and beautifully composed, but the grainy, smeary patina that he and Spielberg developed in this period is an eyesore that looks worse with each passing year. John Williams’s score is likable but used too frequently and to cartoonish effect. And Christopher Walken, god love him, is miscast in a role that has little use for the actor’s trademark oddness. Thankfully DiCaprio shines in a part that’s perfectly suited for a guy whose looks have doubtless opened countless doors.

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