Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★½

This takedown of the hollowness of luxury is so busy signaling its own awareness that it doesn’t realize how much it luxuriates in that hollowness too. It is, for long stretches, aggressively distasteful in its use of high school as a proxy for an intellectually vacant form of adulthood, and as an excuse to indulge in every excess that it putatively condemns. Imposing the cynicism of adults onto children is one of the laziest tropes in modern cinema, but even that would be bearable if the movie itself were actually diverting or engaging or even fun, but it’s none of those things, even if it does sport a moderately interesting, noir-like twist in the long-delayed third act. To be fair, its two leads are highly watchable, especially Maya Hawke, who has inherited her mother’s ability to completely perplex the camera with an unknowable, inexplicable kind of beauty. Nevertheless, like a seemingly endless procession of essentially worthless Netflix concept vehicles, this one also fully deserves its inevitable burial, Ark of the Covenant-like, in the streamer’s shambles of a back catalog.

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