Dune ★★★★

Timothee Chalamet is a very special boy.

I actually don't mind him that much, and he does a decent job here. He's a bit outclassed by Rebecca Ferguson, though, not to mention Oscar Isaac.

But, whatever, Villeneuve is such a strong directorial force that his actors, almost regardless of their performances, are buoyed by the incredible milieus he creates. His worlds are so complete and compelling that the actors seem to be living inside of them, not performing. This is at least as true in "Dune" as in his previous movies, if not more so. The world—the universe—is staggeringly well realized. It's monumental and believable and it also has the best spaceship designs since the original "Star Wars."

There's a scene where two of the main characters look out over the dessert at buildings burning in ruin, in the distance. It's not unlike Luke looking at his Aunt and Uncle's farm in "Episode IV," but it felt so much more consequential, so much more emotionally real; the sense of loss was truly palpable. "Dune" may be bigger and more impressive than its sci-fi competition, but where it really leaves them behind is how well it explores the emotional lives of its characters.

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