Entrapment ★★

An attempt to combine a heist thriller with a novelistic romance that produces a kind of middling slurry, not unlike mixing two bright, complementary oil paints on a palette and feeling let down when you realize what you get is an unappealing brown. Still, I’d be lying if I said there’s nothing redeeming here. It’s hard to deny how watchable Connery is even given uninspiring material; his gentlemanly brutality is always there, just below the surface. Zeta-Jones is watchable too of course though in a frankly male gazey way; the camera loves her, even as she struggles mightily to animate an erratically written plot. Speaking of the script, it’s also true that it has some feeling for its caper tropes; the heists are actually fairly diverting at their core, though they tend to veer off into absurdity easily. Still, no one is going to be impressed by this.

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