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  • Khoi Vinh


    I went back again, partly out of duty to my wife, who wanted to see it, and partly out of duty to myself, to try to understand what it was that didn’t work for me the first time around. And it did make more sense to me this time, but I still can’t find my way to thinking this is a movie that really pulls its many, many threads together as well as popular opinion seems to suggest it does.…

  • Khoi Vinh


    I'm so happy that Asian-American cinema is a legit real thing now, and that we have roles like these for Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan. But I'm less happy about how pastiche cinema has become a substitute for genuine invention—I'm not sure I need another genre mashup exercise where the directors wear their influences as conspicuously on their sleeves as this. This movie doesn't even feel like sub-Tarantino fare to me; it's sub-Edgar Wright-ian, really, and that's not a…