Lost Bullet

Lost Bullet ★★★

This is not going to win any plaudits for its script—the chain-of-custody issues around the titular slug would in real life render it all but meaningless! Still it’s dunderheaded in all the right ways. Alban Lenoir is an unexpectedly compelling action lead; not overtly charismatic but still magnetically brutal, taciturn and fully committed. The franchise is apparently predicated on his character’s personal grief the way the F&F movies are predicated on Vin Diesel’s bizarre interpretation of mutual psychopathy as familial bond. But the substandard logic works here because director Guillaume Pierret stays far away from sanctimony and focuses on efficient, combustive action—relatively small set pieces but each one rendered with the deftness of a true craftsman. My one complaint is that while I’m more than happy to watch Stéfi Celma—she is the definition of a mesmerizing screen presence—the script underserves her character by miles.

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