Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome ★★★

My recollection of this movie was that it wasn't so good, and certainly it's the least distinctive of Miller's “Mad Max” epics. But on rewatching it so many years later, it's much better than I recalled. So many of Miller’s ideas are here, intact and fully formed. They may not be operating at peak efficiency—if anything, they're too often smothered in a truly horrific, 80s-era, Spielberg/Williams-esque score—but nothing here is sloughed off, nothing is presented sloppily. Even Tina Turner, whose appearance was in my memory just a joke, does really well. In the end though it's very clear why Miller wanted to get another crack at this world with “Fury Road.” He'd hit two home runs with his first two movies, so to end it all on a double must've been frustrating.

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