Panic Room

Panic Room ★★★½

There’s not a lot to complain about here, especially as Fincher is aided by all-around terrific performances from Foster especially, but also Whittaker and even Leto, the latter of whom encapsulates almost his entire career in one wannabe performance. Yoakam is a delight as the wild card; it’s a mystery why we haven’t seen more screen time from him. Overall it’s a solid, Hitchcockian outing for Fincher that shows off his immense technical precision and underplays his weaknesses; nothing is asked of him here in terms of a wider scope or more sweeping insight. As a result  it’s thoroughly entertaining, even on rewatch. The smaller, enclosed stakes really serve him well as a director; I’ll take this over the corny prestige of “Zodiac” or “The Social Network” any day.

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