The Hand of God

The Hand of God ★★★★

It’s tempting to be snarky about how Netflix is becoming the place where auteurs get bankrolled to recreate their youth, but both “Roma” and now “The Hand of God” are among the best things they’ve ever done. Complaining about these indulgences seems out of proportion to their cinematic value, especially if complaining only invites more of the “Red Notice” variety. Sorrentino’s fable of his youth is not quite as masterful as Cuaron’s, but for the first half at least it’s more alive, kinetic and hilarious than just about any prestige autobiographical drama in recent memory. In fact I got interrupted halfway through, which sadly happens often while streaming, and I just couldn’t wait to return to this world of kooky, crass, extremely human extended family members. The last act is markedly less inventive but it hardly diminishes the larger whole.

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