The Menu

The Menu ★★★½

You can’t really set up an incredibly tantalizing premise like this, doling out salacious detail after salacious detail, stringing your audience along as you progressively raise the stakes and crank up the danger, unless you’re willing—and, crucially, unless you’re able—to pay it all off at the end. Except, this movie does just that. The script is a total deadbeat, writing checks it never intends to cash. And yet somehow it really works; the outrageousness of the hook is so delicious (sorry) that it’s almost worth the disappointment in the end. In fact, the cheap thrills it offers almost entirely obfuscate the lack of follow through. It’s an impressive bit of jujitsu, not unlike the heightened suspension of disbelief required to eat at a haute cuisine restaurant like the one at the center of this richly dark comedy.

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