Three Thousand Years of Longing

Three Thousand Years of Longing ★★★½

It was probably smart of George Miller to follow “Fury Road” with something so completely different—almost comically different—that to make comparisons would be absurd. And yet, it’s impossible not to look at the two side by side in at least some respect. Because Miller having made a masterpiece, what we all want from him is another masterpiece, fair or not. The filmmaking here is just as ingenious, if not nearly as insanely reckless, and it’s gilded with so much to marvel at. But there’s not enough character work to latch onto here; Tilda Swinton’s protagonist should be our anchor but she never really gives us a reason to care for her, despite the typically committed performance. And the relationship that’s forged between her and Idris Elba’s djinn doesn’t feel fully earned. This underwhelming dynamic sabotages any real sense of stakes, and the end result is a vague sense of incompleteness. It was a noble attempt though.

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