Touchez Pas au Grisbi

Touchez Pas au Grisbi ★★★★

What happens when a veteran thief goes for one last score…and it succeeds? According to this movie, what follows is mostly quotidian drudgery, and so strong is director Jacques Becker's belief in that hypothesis that he devotes a shocking amount of time to showing two lifelong hood pals sharing a late snack then changing into pajamas, brushing their teeth, and turning in for the night, without incident. Obviously, the pace of this movie is hardly breakneck. But in its ponderousness Becker finds an appealing, gangster-dreamland vibe that seems both innocent and world weary. To enjoy it though you'll need to have a tolerance for a certain amount of ridiculousness; the world of the movie is populated by chubby, middle-aged gangsters with impossibly young and beautiful women on their arms.

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