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Khoi has written 6 reviews for films rated during 2018.

  • The Polar Express

    The Polar Express

    Horribly disfigured children get kidnapped aboard a runaway train and are forced to submit their belief to a false god before being returned home.

  • The Christmas Chronicles

    The Christmas Chronicles

    I hope Kurt Russell enjoyed himself.

  • Prizzi's Honor

    Prizzi's Honor

    An overweight, middle-aged Jack Nicholson is the perfect embodiment of this rudderless film. Lethargic, confused and smothered in a terrible soundtrack, it doesn’t know if it’s a comedy or a drama, a love story or a gangster pic. And it certainly doesn’t know its characters.

  • Clouds of Sils Maria

    Clouds of Sils Maria

    A great way to let people know that you’re a serious artist is to make a movie about a stage play. That’s what Olivier Assayas has done here folks and it’s very, very intellectual. It’s also turgid, tedious and actively disinterested in engaging the audience in any way that’s not brimming with pretension. 

    This film, and its somehow even worse follow-up “Personal Shopper” ought to be banned as obscene crimes against the art of storytelling. They take perverse pleasure in…

  • Sex and the Single Girl

    Sex and the Single Girl

    Curious historical artifact. Also really dumb.

  • Bye Bye Birdie

    Bye Bye Birdie

    There’s some marvelous stuff happening here. A beautiful lens on the plasticene world of mid-60s white Americana. Some stunningly realized musical numbers that pop off the screen. Plus the preternatural phenomenon that is Ann Margaret, who is such a powerful screen presence it’s impossible to look away from her beauty. But it’s all assembled with such a poverty of plot, character development and overall care for the basics of how to keep a movie audience entertained. Whatever assets it has going for it are effectively thrown on top of a narrative trash heap. Not even worth the bother.