Mother ★★★★★

10 - Like other Bong Joon-ho's works, Mother is not confined to one singular genre; a mystery thriller that builds its foundation on a mother-son relationship, Mother is one of the best films in the director's filmography.

Enjoyment: 5/5 | Quality: 5/5

Both emotional gripping and morally challenging, Mother is the ultimate testament about a mother's unconditional love and the length she would do to protect her child. Kim Hye-ja, as the titular Mother, gives a performance that can only describe as flawless. She brings such a presence to the screen that transforms between soft and caring to determined and then heart-breaking in minutes. The emotional depth requires for such a complex character is unimaginable but Kim does it effortlessly, a true master at her craft. Both the direction and camerawork are much more subtle than Bong's other works but it brings an appropriate emotional weight to the film. It sets the right tone and mood for the audience, re-emphasizing that the murder mystery is just second to the complicated mother-son relationship. Not only emotionally gripping in its main storyline, but Bong also sprinkles commentary and criticism about how society treats mentally challenged citizens with a dash of classism. Ultimately, Mother is a compelling and emotionally-heavy murder mystery that will haunt the audience with its opening and ending.

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