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  • The American President

    The American President


    I wasn't planning on watching a film today, but when I turned on the TV (to watch Rick and Morty, of course) this was on and it seemed so good I just couldn't resist - and it truly was all that.
    The American President is, all at the same time, a smart and witty political drama, a feel-good comedy, and a comforting love story. It is obviously patriotic (and usually, those kinds of movies just leave me bored) but in…

  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    Ahh, when was the last time I watched a full-length film? Too long!
    And this was the perfect film to jump back into cinema.

    The Big Short is about a topic that interests me greatly - that is the 2008 financial crisis, now I knew bits and pieces about what had happened, but not the specifics - as, in my confession, I don't really know much about economics or how it works, I was just interested due to the whole…

Popular reviews

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    Simply the most inspiring and awesome film I have ever seen, no matter how many times I watch "Social Network" it never loses its feeling of excitement as it progresses with some of the best screenwriting, acting and visual style I have ever seen in cinema.

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut



    What the fuck?

    That was so.... oh fuck.


    I'm sorry, Citizen Kane what? The Godfather what? The Rules of the Game what?
    That's what I thought.