Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

a sun soaked revisionist fairytale, quentin tarantino’s once upon a time… in hollywood dares to ask the question: what if? what if the golden age of Hollywood unfurled differently? what if sharon tate didn’t die at the hands of the manson family? what if the good guys saved the day and life simply went on? it’s a different approach to the one i think we were all expecting, but one that left me feeling as though the movie simply wouldn’t have worked any other way. despite the grim material his film is based on, tarantino has crafted something that is — more than anything — infectiously optimistic. the sets, costuming, music and the giddily committed performances from everyone involved (special mention to brad pitt who stole the entire movie and sprinted away with it) all contribute to a final product that, for me at least, was so wholly consuming I wanted to live in it for a few more hours. sometimes a movie just emanates magic. this is one of them.

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