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  • Annihilation



    Having greatly enjoyed books by Jeff VanderMeer and Alex Garland as a teen, this movie, accompanied by Moderat on the soundtrack, does not disappoint.

  • Antiviral



    What a perfectly sick, twisted movie, and from Cronenberg's son Brian no less. Psycho/body horror or a social commentary on our celebrity-obsessed culture? Personally, I loved it. The soul and the aesthetically-amazing flesh. It even had a happy ending, of sorts...

  • Videodrome



    Cool, bizarre, if a bit trashy cult film. Not sure if a Gnostic parable but definitely has some hallmarks of such, what with "The New Flesh" moment there. A very relevant film today too, if you replace the TV with the ubiquitous monitors and displays.

  • Melancholia




  • Antichrist



    This movie was my introduction to Von Trier. I loved it. Minus the ketchup scene.

  • Mary and Max

    Mary and Max


    A very funny and touching animation, with themes of friendship, loneliness and eccentricity.