Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

thoughts and stuff:

1. I love that this film allows about .5 seconds (hyperbolic, sorry) of pro-war pro-america pro-military imagery only to have kong literally smash it to pieces - albeit in, uh, just another violent montage.

2. I'll admit that this film looks very cool. it's in the big things, sure,
but it's in the small things too (bullet casing rolling over the side of the copter, bobble head nodding away as it plunges towards the undergrowth, little instances of tension-creating slow-mo). also, how long did it take the makeup team to apply all that paint to the actors playing the natives??

3. why spiders!!!!

4. I'm a firm believer in going AROUND strange circular structures in
hostile environments.

5. monkey butt.

6. I love ominous statements like "he's not the thing we're trying to keep out" okay I live for shit like that in movies.

7. tom hiddleston is boring. there I said it.

8. "we're on a ploat." that's that lonely island song right.


10. sam jackson playing the bad guy AGAIN.

11. was "b*tch please* even a thing in the 70s?

12. so. terrible ending. looked cool and all that, very godzilla vs. the MUTOs, very t-rex vs. the indominus, but I wouldn't have minded another ten minutes devoted to character reflection, a couple shots of the group leaving the island... just something to wind things down a little. this whole experience has left me feeling slightly disoriented.

13. that said, I had fun. overall this isn't boring. the script is silly in places and the film as a whole doesn't know when to shut up BUT there are some really, really beautiful shots (the first helicopter, hit by a tree, shocked into silence) and the pace is pretty cracking. one of those rare blockbuster films I wouldn't have minded watching for an extra 30 minutes.

14. as my closing statement I'd just like to kindly ask that we please please get more women and more POC (more WOC!) in these things cause I'm actually sick of looking at white/male-dominated films alright, I've had enough. thank you.

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