Parasite ★★★★★

Since the end of June I've watched a total of five films, including this one. It's been a dull few months - winter in the world's windiest city, the stresses and pressures of work and relationships and my family pushing down on me. I haven't had the energy to enjoy anything too deep, so I watched nothing. Lost myself in youtube, bulldozed through a couple of tv shows, used my off days to play Minecraft and spend bouts of quality time with my friends.

This reminded me how it feels to watch a great film. I can't pinpoint it in technical terms; I just love a good story, I love going into films like this one knowing nothing, I love the quick back and forth of dialogue and the colours and the serene detachment of the long shot and the unexpected breath of a sudden movement that immediately defines or changes the mood of a scene.

I might have got my film-watching mojo back, so thank you, Bong Joon-Ho.

Or should I say... "Respect".

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