The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

I've seen this film getting lots of 5 star reviews and while I guess it's pretty good I could never give it higher than a 8/10. it's entertaining enough, though a little long at almost 120 minutes. ryan gosling's holland march is gold - he plays an immature, easily frightened, slightly shrill, borderline alcoholic detective who sucks at being a responsible dad. russell crowe is also great as jackson healy, the older, more dangerous, and more serious of the two. I also really loved the surrogate uncle/niece dynamic between healy and holland's daughter holly*, played by young australian talent angourie rice.

what lost this film an extra point (I would only go as high as a 9 were the points I make below not in evidence) wasn't the length - I can handle that, especially since the story was interesting and twisty and the action nicely scattered throughout - it was a number of the jokes, which are frankly quite offensive. I understand that so-called 'PC culture' was less of a thing in the 70s, but I'm not appreciative of certain forms of "historical accuracy" i.e. "since it's set in the 70s we can include slurs against sex workers, because that's necessary."

also, again with the whole POC-only-play-villains bullshit? c'mon.

overall though, I did enjoy this. I found myself rolling my eyes only a minimum amount of times, so it's a shame it did so badly at the box office because I would have liked a sequel, if just to revisit gosling and crowe's extremely entertaining characters.

* I just realised the similarity between their names... holly and holland, holy shit

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