Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★½

About a fifth of the way into this I figured I'd be getting on here afterwards with a two star rating at best and a review that said something along the lines of, "I'm not gonna pretend like I understood this and rate it five stars like the rest of you assholes."

Roughly half way into Holy Motors I started to sense a far higher rating and a love for this film but then the ending came and dampened it for me, but ultimately this film is unique and well-paced and I get what Carax was attempting to do, it just didn't work for me completely.

I enjoyed the segue into "Merde," a previous character from Carax's contribution to Tokyo! which was expanded upon here. Hence our lead saying "Shit" (merde) when he reads the assignment as he knows that it's likely the most challenging persona he takes on perhaps.

I was hoping this would force its way into my top 10 of the year but it just fell a foot or two short with its misdirection, which for Carax could have been his absolute focus.